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Classic Plus

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With simple, intuitive controls including continuous flow to fill bottles and SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment in key components in the water path as well as on the touchpad, the Classic Plus effortlessly combines form and function.

Classic Plus All-in-One

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With all the benefits of the Classic Plus, the Classic Plus All-in-One additionally offers unfiltered hot and cold water. Installed over the sink, its design is perfect for specifiers looking to blend contemporary aesthetics with industrial elements.


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The Zip Hydroboil is a strong option to deliver instant boiling hot water. The Hydroboil range delivers reliable and time-effective boiling water, technologies like Power-Pulse and steam heat boost ensure energy efficient water heating…


The EconoBoil is a thermostatically controlled instant boiling water system for settings where affordable reliability is required. The Econoboil delivers boiling water at a constant temperature from a smart, compact unit.

Touch-Free Wave

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A 100% contactless solution for filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water. To dispense water, a user simply hovers their hand 1.5-5cm from the smart infrared sensor and the water flow will stop immediately once their hand has moved away.


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In settings where safety, security and durability are top of agenda, look no further than the HydroTap Industrial. Designed specifically for ease of use and robustness. Reliably delivering a choice of instant filtered boiling and chilled water with easy to… Read More »Industrial

Celsius Arc

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Our instant boiling water tap, the HydroTap Celsius Arc delivers the purest tasting boiling water to create an unrivalled brew. Perfect for those who appreciate style and versatility at its best, the Celsius Arc also provides unfiltered hot and cold… Read More »Celsius Arc

Arc All-in-One

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Whether you want instant boiling water, or chilled sparkling water, the robust HydroTap Arc All-in-One offers it all plus unfiltered hot and cold water from one single tap and command centre. Installed over the sink, its design is perfect for… Read More »Arc All-in-One


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The swan-necked HydroTap Arc delivers your choice of pure tasting instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button.